Reservation and Fees (ENG)

Cost and reservations:
The event costs EUR 38 for member including the snack on Friday, two breakfasts, light lunch and feast on Saturday. The event cost for non-member is EUR 43 with all meals. Children under 6 years can come for free; 6 to 11 years olds pay half price (17/20 euros) and 12 years or older pay full price. All minors get the SCA-member’s price if the parent is a member. Day visitor cost EUR 10 / adult, 6 to11 years old pay half price (5 euros), under 6 years old come for free. Day visitor can have feast if the event is not full. Feast costs for day visitor EUR 10 / adult and 5 to 11 years old pay EUR 5.

Registration opens on Sunday 8.9.2013 at 10AM. Reservations are made by sending an email to kekri.ilmoittautuminen ( @ ) In your reservation, state the mundane and SCA names for all attendants, a contact email and a contact phone number and whether you are an SCA member or not. If you want to sell something at the market, ask for a table.

Participants with Finnish bank accounts pay to the Hukka account, Nordea 102530-209943.

The deadline for reservations and domestic transfers is October 11th.

After that, there is a 5 euro late fee for all reservations. Contact the event steward if you need specific directions or if you have any questions.

Refunds: If you cancel by Oct 11, you get your money back. After that we unfortunately cannot return your money. If you have a reservation and neither cancel, pay nor come to event, we will charge you all costs according to your reservation at the regular prices, including late fee (5 EUR) and a handling fee of 3 EUR.

We hope guests from abroad would do an electronic transfer, but cash payments in euros are accepted at the door without a late fee as long as the reservation is made before the October 11th.


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