Reservation and Fees (ENG)

Cost and reservations:

The event costs EUR 36 for member including the snack on Friday, two breakfasts, light lunch and feast on Saturday. The event cost for non-member is 41 with all meals. Children under 2 years can come for free; 3 to 11 years olds pay half price (18/20 euros) and 12 years or older pay full price. All minors get the SCA-member’s price if the parent is a member. Day visitor cost EUR 10. Day visitors can have feast. Feast costs for day visitor EUR 10.

Reservation opens on Wednesday 02.9.2015 at 6 PM. Reservations are made by sending an email to kekri.ilmoittautuminen ( @ ) In your reservation, state the mundane and SCA names for all attendants, a contact email and a contact phone number and whether you are an SCA member or not. If you are making reservations for multiple people, please make sure you state all the information correct. Please also note that we may not be able to take all allergies into consideration. You may also contact the event cook if necessary.

Participants with Finnish bank accounts pay to the Keskiaikaseura Hukka ry. account, Nordea FI75 1025 3000 2099 43 BIC NDEAFIHH. Please, use the
reference number 20158.

The deadline for reservations and domestic transfers is November 19 th.
After that, there is a 5 euro late fee for all reservations. Contact the event steward if you need specific directions or if you have any questions.

Refunds: If you cancel by Nov 19 th, you get your money back. After that we unfortunately cannot return your money. If you have a reservation and neither cancel, pay nor come to event, we will charge you all costs according to your reservation at the regular prices, including late fee (5 EUR) and a handling fee of 3 EUR.

We hope guests from abroad would do an electronic transfer, but cash payments in euros are accepted at the door without a late fee as long as the reservation is made before the November 19th 2015.


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