Event Announcement (ENG)

Event Announcement (ENG)

Kekri-All Hallows Feast IV 28.-30.11.2014  Leirikeskus Märkiö

Come and celebrate the harvest season end Kekri / All Hallows Feast again with the Canton of Hukka! This event offers plentiful activities: archery, both heavy and light tournaments, singing and dancing, autumn market, auction and prolific feast.

Event site:

Leirikeskus Märkiö in Nurmijärvi, address is Hangonväylä 1506. The site is mostly accessible for people with limited mobility. The site is in our exclusive use and consists of a dining hall building with kitchen, accommodation building with showers and toilets, and a third building with a hall for workshop or lecture use. Sauna can be found down by the lake. The event fits 62 people, and has beds for most of them. There is crash space available for the rest. Smoking is allowed only at the marked spots.


The site opens at 6pm on Friday and closes at noon on Sunday. Anyone still present at the site on Sunday at 12am will be (voluntarily) conscripted for site cleanup.

Find out more about the program from our website https://kekrijuhla.wordpress.com/

Cost and reservations:

The event costs EUR 36 for member including the snack on Friday, two breakfasts, light lunch and feast on Saturday. The event cost for non-member is 41 with all meals. Children under 2 years can come for free; 3 to 11 years olds pay half price (18 euros) and 12 years or older pay full price. All minors get the SCA-member’s priceif the parent is a member. Day visitor cost EUR 10. Day visitor can have feast if the event is not full. Feast costs for day visitor EUR 12.

Reservation opens on Wednesday 01.10.2014 at 6 PM. Reservations are made by sending an email to kekri.ilmoittautuminen ( @ ) gmail.com. In your reservation, state the mundane and SCA names for all attendants, a contact email and a contact phone number and whether you are an SCA member or not. If you want to sell something at the market, ask for a table.

Participants with Finnish bank accounts pay to the Keskiaikaseura Hukka ry. account, Nordea FI75 1025 3000 2099 43 BIC NDEAFIHH. Please, use the reference number 20145.

The deadline for reservations and domestic transfers is November 10 th.

After that, there is a 5 euro late fee for all reservations. Contact the event steward if you need specific directions or if you have any questions.

Refunds: If you cancel by Nov 10 th, you get your money back. After that we unfortunately cannot return your money. If you have a reservation and neither cancel, pay nor come to event, we will charge you all costs according to your reservation at the regular prices, including late fee (5 EUR) and a handling fee of 3 EUR.

We hope guests from abroad would do an electronic transfer, but cash payments in euros are accepted at the door without a late fee as long as the reservation is made before the November 10th.

Travel information & Pick-ups

The nearest airport is Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL) and pick-ups and drop-offs there can be arranged. Each pick-up/drop-off costs 5 EUR per person (i.e. 10 EUR return) and need to be booked at least a two weeks before the event. Pick-ups and drop-offs will also be arranged (if need) from Hyvinkää railway station and from Rajamäki (if using bus). More information available on the website.

Event steward:
Donna Izabella del Cacco (Kirsi Karhapää)
email: varavouti ( @ ) hucca.org
+358 40 416 9888

Marshall in Charge:
Baron Mikael Karhu (Kalle Salminen)
email: kekri.ilmoittautuminen ( @ ) gmail.com

Baroness Agata Gren (Sanna-Mari Hietanen)
email: kekri.ilmoittautuminen ( @ ) gmail.com


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